Taking a Proactive Approach with SQL Server Agent

The SQL Server Agent touches on most of our daily tasks and responsibilities as a DBA. There are more ways than mentioned in this article on how to take advantage of this utility and its components. Read about articles posted on SQL-Server-Performance.com such as:
  • Tips on Rebuilding SQL Server Indexes found in the article Best SQL Server Performance Tuning Tips and How to Perform SQL Server Log Shipping by Brad M. McGehee
  • Create Your Own SQL Server Job Management System by Randy Dyess
  • Understanding SQL Server’s DBCC SHOWCONTIG by Dean Thompson

Find how you can implement them into your daily performance or event driven tasks within the SQL Server Agent.

About Frank Garcia

Frank Garcia (Project Administrator/DBA) has over fifteen years of experience in the technology field working as a database administrator. He holds several certifications, including MCSE, MCDBA, MCP+I, MCT, and is a registered (member) partner with Microsoft.

Frank Garcia runs a small business (www.fastappsolutions.com) offering affordable solutions to small businesses.

He has also founded the Latin Tech Forum (a forum specializing in content provided in both Spanish and English) — www.latintechforum.org — which begins its meetings on September 22nd 2004.

The Latin Tech Forum will hold monthly seminars discussing technology trends and industry related topics with guest speakers. Frank can be found mostly on the direct access SQL forum assisting MS Support by answering questions and helping out fellow DBA’s.

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