SQL Server 2000 & 2005 Clustering

Step 5 – CD-Keys

Enter 25 Digit SQL Server License keys and click on Next.

Step 6 – IP Addresses

Enter the IP address that will be used for the virtual server, and select the cluster network to be used from the Network to use dropdown list. When complete, click Add.

Step 7 – IP Addresses Populated

Your entries will be displayed in the window at the bottom of the window. You may add more than one IP address at this time. Click Next to continue.

Step 8 – Disk Selection

In the Cluster Disk Selection dialog box, select one drive to place the data files, Adding additional drives must be done post-installation, as noted in the section “Adding A Logical Disk To Your Cluster Configuration” earlier in this article. Click Next to continue.

Step 9 – Cluster Management – Node Configuration

In the Cluster Management dialog box, you can add or delete cluster nodes from the virtual server definition. Click Next.



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