Create Local Cubes with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft Office

Creating a Cube from the PivotTable

1. In the PivotTable that you created just now, drop the Supply Time measure onto the area marked Drop Data Items Here.

2. Select the Customers dimension from the PivotTable Field List and drag it on to the row axis. Similarly, select the Time dimension and drag it to the Page axis.

3. On the PivotTable menu, click Client-Server. This opens the Client Server Setting dialog box.

4. Click Create local data to open the Create Cube File dialog box.

5. Click Next to move to step 2 and select the dimensions out of the available fields on the server. You could choose customers, products, time and any other detail that you may want to add as a dimension. (Some of the selections will be ticked you indicate that they have been used in the PivotTable report.) Each dimension can be expanded by clicking the plus sign beside it. You can choose the hierarchical members and their set points for each dimension from the expanded selections. After you finish, click Next.

6. In step 3 of Create Cube File, we choose the members of the Measures dimension. You can also choose more levels and their member sets in case you have left out any in the earlier step. After you finish, click Next.

7. In the last step of Create Cube File, you enter the name of the location where you want to store your new cube file. In the File name box, enter RemoteWHSE&SALES. Remember to save the file with a .cub extension.

8. Finally, click Finish in order to create the cube file. A status box will appear showing the different stages of the process.

9. When the process is complete, click OK in the Client Server Settings dialog box. The local cube is now not only ready to be used for generating reports but also ready to be changed.

Note that the Client Server Settings dialog box can be accessed at any time from the PivotTable menu in order to change the data source between the original server cube and the local cube for the PivotTable report.


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