How to Configure Virtual Server 2005 in Order to Setup a Test SQL Server Cluster

  • To create the virtual SCSI adapter, click on “SCSI adapters”, and the following screen appears.

    Now, click on “Add SCSI Adapter,” and this screen appears.

    In the above screen, you want to select “Share SCSI bus for clustering,” which I have already done above, and select the “SCSI adapter ID” as 7 (the default value). Then click on “OK” to create the SCSI adapter. We are now done adding the virtual SCSI adapter.

  • Our next task is to add the shared disk to the virtual machine and assign it to the SCSI adapter we just created. To do this, from the “Configuration” screen for the virtual machine, click on “Hard Disks,” and this screen appears.

    This screen shows us the “C” drive that has already been assigned to this virtual server. Our task now is to add an additional virtual hard disk as our shared drive. To do this, click on “Add Disk,”, and this screen appears.

  • What we must do now is to complete the information for “Virtual hard disk 2.” Next to “Attachment” we must select “Primary channel (1). This is our virtual SCSI device. Next, we must enter the path and filename of our shared array next to “Fully qualified path to file.” Once this is done, click on “OK.” The completed the assignment of the virtual shared array to the virtual SCSI adapter for this virtual machine.

  • Our last configuration step, before installing the OS, is to specify the Private network for this virtual machine. As you may remember, the Public network was specified when we initially created the virtual machine. To do this, from the “Configuration” screen for the virtual machine, click on “Network adapters,” and this screen appears.

    The above screen shows you the network adapter that was created when the virtual machine was created. This does not need to be changed, as it is already assigned to the Public network. To add another virtual network adapter for the Private network, click on “Add Network Adapter,” and this screen appears.

    Now, we need to add the information for the “Virtual network adapter 2.” In this case, the only change we will make is to select “Private” for the “Connected to” option. Leave all other options at their default value. Click on OK to save this virtual network adapter.

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