Rescue SQL Server Data with Red Gate’s SQL Log Rescue

Nice to Have Features

There are a few enhancements that need to be done. It is obvious that we cannot expect everything from the initial release; however, for the benefit of the users or prospect buyers, I would like to state them here.

  1. Scripts that are generated from the tool do not address the issue of foreign keys, cascade deletes, identity fields, or triggers. Currently, you have to write disable and enable code manually.
  2. SQL Log Rescue does not automatically install into named instances. You must install the necessary extended stored procedure through a manual procedure.
  3. When there is an error in the software, it would be much better if users were allowed to send an email from the tool itself to the vendor, describing the error.

1-2 are problems identified by the vendor, and they have promised that those will be fixed in future releases.


Personal support was hardly needed as all the necessary details are provide at Red Gate’s website, and from the online help. FAQs, online demos, Power Point presentations, knowledge-base articles, a forum, and reviews are available at the website. Users can post their own problems and concerns at after participating in a simple registration process.

Answers for posts received within one day, which is quite fast compared to the other forums that are available for many third party tools.

Update Service

Nowadays, products are updated very frequently. DBAs hardly remember to check for new updates. However, the built-in update service helps to users to notify the new update and install it to the current system without any hassle.

Review Summary

I will rate the SQL Log Rescue 1.0 in following categories using a scale from 1 to 5, 5 being the best and 1 being the worst.

Product Information

Do you think that SQL Log Rescue could a valuable tool for you? If so, download the 14 days trial version of SQL Log Rescue from

SQL Log Rescue is available as a standalone product. or as part of a discounted bundle with SQL Backup, Red Gate’s software that provides compressed and encrypted backups for SQL Server databases.

There is plenty of information available at the Red Gate website. For FAQs visit For the online demonstration on this tool visit

For the latest information on Red Gate’s SQL Log Rescue, visit

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