E-Mail Functionality in SQL Server 2005

Auditing and Logging

Auditing is an important new feature in SQL Server 2005. Right-click the Database Mail option and select the View Database Mail Log option. With this log file viewer, you have the ability to filter and search. Filtering is possible on User, Computer, Start Date, End Date, Message Containing Text, and Source.

In addition, you can get the mail log by querying the sysmail_event_log system view in the msdb database.


Database Mail is a substantial improvement over SQL Mail and can be used to enhance the functionality of your database. Please let us know your experiences using Database Mail.

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One Response to “E-Mail Functionality in SQL Server 2005”

  1. Dinesh,

    Thanks you very much for this article.
    I was able to set up a email account and send some test mails.
    Few questions:

    1) The profile that i created is public bit i didn’t made it default since my server has many databases and i will be using the mail profile for only one database.
    So should i make it private or leave it public(not default) ?

    2) With every schedule maintenance activity
    like database refresh or database shutdown\restart, do i need to manually check for the profile that i created still exists or not ?


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