SQL Server-Related Web Sites

SQL Server Performance-Related Links
6 Ways to Boost ADO Application Performance (Microsoft)
Compaq White Paper on SQL Server 6.5 Performance Tuning
Microsoft White Paper on SQL Server 7 Performance
Transactional Replication Performance Tuning and Optimization
General SQL Server Web Sites
ASP.Net Enterprise Manager — Open source SQL Server and MSDE Web Interface
Compaq — SQL Server Active Answers resources
DaBCoSSQL Server database compare and synchronization open source code
DBARecovery.Com — Resources on SQL Server backup procedures and best practices
Find Tutorials — SQL Server tutorials
InsideSQL.de — German-language website focusing on SQL Server
Inside SQL Server — Author Kalen Delaney’s website
MCDBA Directory — MCDBA certification information, plus other DBA resources
Microsoft MDAC Site — OLE DB and ODBC Resources
Microsoft SQL Server Home Page — SQL Server’s Home Page
MS SQL City — Lots of tips, articles, scripts, and test questions for SQL Server
MSSQLServer.Com — Many resources, including SQL Server FAQ
ReplicationAnswers.Com — SQL Server replication articles, scripts, and more.
Simple Talk — SQL Server and .NET information
SQL-Scripts — Free SQL scripts for SQL Server and other databases
SQL Language Course — Learn SQL, includes interactive database
SQLSecurity.Com — Info on SQL Server security.
SQLServerCentral.Com — SQL Server portal.
SQL Server Professional Online — Articles on SQL Server
SQL Server Resources — Narayana Vyas Kondreddi’s SQL Server resources.
SQLTeam — Great resource to get your tough SQL Server questions answered
SQL Zone — Articles, news, and other SQL-related information
Texas SQL Server User’s Group — Website includes many useful articles and resources
SQL Server News and Discussion Groups
ASPFriends.Com — Multiple SQL Server news groups available
Microsoft Discussion Groups — Twenty-two SQL Server groups to choose from
Microsoft Related Communities for SQL Server — List of other SQL Server websites
SQL Server Tek-Tips — SQL Server news group for professionals
UniversalThread — Real-time technical support forum, including SQL Server info
Other Websites of Interest
4GuysFromRolla — Articles on SQL Server and ASP Web Development
ASPFree — ASP and SQL Server-related resources
Database Journal — Articles and resources for SQL Server and other databases
Planet Source Code — Sample code for developers, including SQL code
Programmer’s Heaven — Lots of programming information & resources
SearchDatabase.Com — Database search engine, plus industry news
The Programming Sharehouse — A large searchable directory of programming resources
SpeedGuide.Net — PC Performance Resources
SQL Server-Related Product Websites
A&G Software — Offer the AGS SQL Scribe SQL Server documentation tool
Altec Data — Offers ADO components for SQL Server applications
ApexSQL Software — SQL Server tools and utilities
BMC Software — SQL Server productivity software
Communication Horizons — NetLib Encrytionizer® for SQL Server and MSDE
DbNetGrid — Offers a browser-based, database-driven grid component for SQL Server
Elementool — Offers a web-based bug-tracking tool for SQL and other developers
FMS — Publishers of Total SQL Analyzer, a SQL Server documentation and analysis tool
FullControlNetwork — Virtual dedicated website hosting, including SQL Server 2000
Gnosis Solutions — Offers the Gnosis Transaction Manager for SQL Server
IntellVIEW — Report development software for SQL Server and other databases
IMP Technology — Offers SQL Server-based index and search functionality
IT-Map — Makers of MYdbPAL, a multi-purpose toolkit for SQL Server
Krell Software — Makers of OmniView and OmniAudit SQL Server utilities
LearnSQLServer.Com — Offers how-to videos on SQL Server
Lumigent — Offers Log Explorer, a tool to examine SQL Server logs
Manifold.Net — Database Commander software for SQL Server and other databases
myLittleTools.Net — Maker of myLittleAdmin for SQL Server
Performance Tuning Corporation — Consultants specializing in SQL Server tuning
Quest Software — Offers I/Watch, Benchmark Factory, and Spotlight on SQL Server
Red Gate Software — Offers SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare utilities
Sonasoft — Backup management and disaster recovery for SQL Server
SQL LiteSpeed — Software to speed up SQL Server backups and restores
SQL Power Tools — Offers SQL Server monitoring software
SQL Sentry — Offers SQL Server job monitoring tool
SQL Stripes — SQL Server database management software
SQLZip — Utility to compress SQL Server backup files for disaster recovery
Tiera Software — Offers Defect Manager 4.0 for SQL Server
TNT Software — Offers software to collect and analyze performance monitor data
Translucent Databases — Book on database security
TX Text Control — FoxPro component to add text processing features to SQL apps
Unitek — SQL Server and clustering training available
XpressApps — Offers the mssqlXpress SQL Server development tool


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