How to Import Data from Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to SQL Server 2005

In the next screen the Data Source needs to be selected as SQL Native Client as the data is being imported to SQL Server 2005. Thereafter one needs to select the Server Name to which the data will be imported and the appropriate Authentication Mode needs to be configured followed by the Database Name. 


In this example the SSIS Package we will be connecting to the local SQL Server Instance using windows authentication and the database used will be ImportExcel.  

In the Specify Table Copy or Query wizard screen select the copy data from one or more tables or views option and continue with the wizard to the next screen.

In the Select Source Table and Views wizard screen one needs to select the Employee Spreadsheet in the Source and in the Destination, ImportExcel.dbo.Employee will be visible. Thereafter click on Edit Mappings… and specify the datatype if different from the one which SQL Server has suggested by scanning the data available in the Spreadsheet.

In the Save and Execute Package wizard screen there are two options namely Execute Immediately and Save SSIS Package as file system. You can make either of the choices and then click on the Finish button to run and end the package configuration.

The SSIS Package will import the data from the Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Employee Spreadsheet to the Employee table in the ImportExcel database. 

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Ashish Kumar Mehta is currently a Software Development Engineer at Microsoft India, Hyderabad. He has been working in IT for over 5 years and with databases for over 4.

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