Scheduling a SSIS Package with SQL Server Agent

9. In Logging tab, you have the option to log the SSIS package execution. There are basically five ways in which you can enable the SSIS package logging and they are by using Windows Event Log, Text File, XML File, SQL Server or SQL Server Profiler. 


10. In Set values tab, you can override the values for the user variable used in the SSIS package.


11. In Verification tab, you can specify different options like:-

  • Execute only signed packages
  • Verify Package builds
  • Verify package ID
  • Verify version ID

If the package meets the criteria which you have specified then only the package will be executed. If there are no values specified then the package will execute ignoring the options. 

12. In Command Line tab, you can see the actual command based on all the selection which you have done till now in different tabs. The command line which is highlighted in the snippet below will be executed once the package is scheduled. Click OK to save the Job step.


13. Next step will be to define the schedule for the SSIS package. This can be done by selecting the Schedules page from the “Select a page” left panel and then clicking the New… button to define the job schedule as shown in the snippet below. Click OK to save the Job schedule. And click OK in the main job window to save the SSIS Package Job. 


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