System Data Collection Reports

Server Activity Report
The Server Activity report, like the rest is rendered by selecting the report from the series of menus that are displayed by right clicking on the Object Explorer menu.  Below are two screen shots that show what data is available on the Server Activity report: 


As you can see there are lots of different graphs to help you identify the resource usage trends for my machine. You can click on each one of these graphs to drill down and get more detailed information.  Below are two screenshots that show the information available when I drill down by clicking on the “Memory Usage” graph above.  

Data Collection Reports
Microsoft has done a great job of building some out of the three data collections and associated reports into SQL Server 2008.  All it takes to use these reports is to configure the Management Data Warehouse, and enable the system data collections.  Once configured and enabled a DBA can get a wealth of performance and capacity information to better manage their environment.

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