Tweaks in SQL Server Reporting Services

The above code is adopted from web site in the code snippet.

Next, you have to call this function in your table. You need to enter the following function call at the column in which you need to have your number in word.


Finally you will see following screen.

Display a Grid with Alternative Colours
In SSRS, there is no straightforward way to display a grid in alternative colours. (Displaying your girds in alternative colours will improve readability of your reports. In Excel 2007 you can do this very easily but not in SSRS)

By combining an expression in the background colour and the RowNumber function, you can add alternative colours to your reports.  RowNumber(Nothing) returns row number of the current record.  For the background property of the each text box, you need to give following expression.

=iif(RowNumber(Nothing) Mod 2, “LightBlue”, “SkyBlue”)

From the above function, the rows with even numbers will display in a light blue colour while odd row numbers will display in a sky blue colour as illustrated below:


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