Container Tasks in SQL Server 2008 Integration Services

The File System Task Editor should be configured with the below details:

Destination Connection









File System Task


File System Task



Move file (Choose this Option from the Drop-down list)

Source Connection




User:DatabaseBackupFiles (Choose the user variable)

8.       Finally, to execute the package, right click the ForeachFileEnumerator.dtsx package from the solution explorer and select Execute Package option from the drop down list. Once the package has successfully executed you will be able to see the below screen.

Task Host Container

 The Task Host Container is a default container within which a single task fits in. When you are designing an SSIS package if you haven’t specified a container for a single task then SSIS places it within a Task Host Container.

Sequence Container

 SSIS Developers can leverage Sequence Containers when they need to divide the entire package into multiple separate control flows depending on the kind of work each container has to do. There are several advantages of using Sequence Containers within SSIS packages :

a.       You can use sequence container to group tasks so that if you don’t need then, you can just go ahead and disable them instead of deleting them from the package.

b.       Sequence Containers help to manage the properties of multiple tasks present within the Sequence Container in one step. This can be done by modifying the properties of a single container rather than changing them one by one .

c.        You can create an event handler for a single container rather than creating one for each task.

d.       By using Sequence Containers you can effectively handle transactions for a set of tasks.

In the below snippet we have added a Sequence Container, and within the sequence container we are executing the Foreach file enumerator example.


In this article you have seen how to use the different types of container tasks such as For Loop Container, Foreach Loop Container, Task Host and Sequence Container.

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