SQL Server 2008 Query Performance Tuning Distilled

One had to wait for a long time for an update on this book. Since the SQL Server 2000 edition is was rather quiet. There was no version for SQL Server 2005, but now finally there is the long overdue update for SQL Server 2008 on the market.

On more than 600 pages the readers gains deep insights into the bag of tricks of SQL Server performance tuning. The reader learns that query tuning is a science that one can learn. It is no rocket science. It is no black magic. It is more of the intensive dealing with SQL Server internals such as execution plans, statistics, indices, locks, blocks, etc…

The reader gets useful background information on all of these topics and more in a clear and descriptive way and an excellent didactical layout. This book should be part of every SQL Server performance tuners library.


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