Using WMI Data Reader and WMI Event Watcher Tasks in SSIS

12.   Finally to complete the example we will connect the WMI Event Watcher and WMI Data Reader tasks  , and then Group these two tasks together by right clicking both task and selecting Group   from the drop down list, and renaming the group as WMI Tasks as shown in the snippet below.


13.  Execute the package by right clicking the WMITasks.dtsx package from the Solution Explorer and then select Execute Package option from the drop down list.

14.  Once the package execution has begun you can copy and paste a trigger file (empty file) for example “Execute_WMI_Data_Reader_Task.txt” in “D:Package” folder.

15.  Once the WMI Event Watcher Task identifies the newly created file it passes the control to the WMI Data Reader Task which gets the list of all the running windows services on the local machine. Once the package has successfully executed you will be able to see the below screen within the control flow designer.


In this article you have seen how to configure and use the WMI Event Watcher and WMI Data Reader Tasks which is available in SQL Server Integration Services.

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