dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server Review

On the Dependencies wizard page you can see the grid with the objects that have not been explicitly selected for the synchronization, but which are used by objects, selected for the synchronization. dbForge Schema Compare lists the objects you need to include in the synchronization to avoid errors when executing the synchronization script.

Finally, a script will be generated. This script had roll back, error handling and transactions.

   Additional Features

Backup Compare : compare databases with native SQL Server backups. 


Snapshots : You can create snapshots of your database schema which can be compared at a later stage.

You can decrypt and compress this snapshot as well.

Integration with Version Control Software – This is another unique feature of dbForge where you have the opportunity of integrate with version controlling tools such as TFS and SVN.

The following link will list all features available in the dbForge tool.


In this tool, you have a facility generate report for the discrepancies for the two compared databases.


As you can see in the above image, you have many options to generate comparison reports in either  HTML or Excel format.

Support is very essential when it comes to software tools and devart is providing adequate support from the mails and their sites. In addition, support is free for the user buying a product license

To summarise the features of DBChangeManager:


Generates Database Snapshots/SQL Scripts to version manage your Schema

Provides Database Synchronization Audit to track history of changes.

Ability to run this tool from command line options.

Integrate with Source controlling systems.

Ability to create backups before synchronizing database objects.


Inability to load synchronisation script to Query Analyser or SQL Server Management Studio from the application itself.

No option to create synchronise application.

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