Murach’s PHP and MySQL

Two of the most prominent projects in the Open Source world are without a doubt PHP and MySQL. This combination brings dynamic life to countless websites and even the author of this review is quite familiar with both of them.

However, just like with any other programming language and database one can write good applications, when you know what to do and how to do it. Or even less good applications. And also just like in any other environment when you work with PHP and MySQL next to gathering practical experience it can not hurt to read good literature.

Especially for beginners or developers coming from a different background the Murach books are an excellent choice. Murach again and again succeeds in presenting even complex facts in a clear and concise way while keeping the focus on the essential things to bring the reader quickly up to speed in the new language. This is again the case with the book at hand.

The book is arranged in 4 chapters:
  1. Getting started fast with PHP and MySQL
  2. Master PHP programming
  3. Master MySQL programming
  4. Master the advanced skills for building websites
Starting with an introduction into both systems over the development of simple to complex scalable websites (commendable by means of using OOP programming style and MVC architectural patterns), to help with installation of Netbeans, XAMPP, and other useful applications, the inclined reader finds a wealth of information in this book. For people who want to work, or need to work with PHP and MySQL it is a recommendable purchase.


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