Adhoc Reporting Using SSRS 2008 R2

10. To add Report Model, right-click on the Report Models->Add New Report Model

11. Click Next.

12. Click Next , we will use the default rules for the model generation but you can always select the required rules for model. To understand the rules in more detail click help.

13.  The first option is recommended for the report model generation rather than using the current statistics of the model. Click Next.

14. Click Run to generate the model.

15. After the model is generated click Finish to complete the wizard.

16. Now to deploy the model to the ReportServer. Right-click on the Adhoc Reporting solution and go to properties to set the ReportServer properties.

17. Right Click on the Solution and Click Deploy.

18. Open Internet explorer and type http://localhost/Reports to open the report manager. Report Manager is the Web Application provided by Microsoft to manage the deployed reports. You can see the Models and Data Sources deployed on the report server. Click on the on the Report Builder link to start the Report Builder.

Building An Adhoc Report

1. The Report Builder will be downloaded on your machine after clicking run.

2. Report Builder 3.0 will open once it has downloaded. As you can see Report Builder 3.0 gives you four options to begin report building. There is a table or matrix wizard, chart wizard, map wizard and finally a blank report. Click on the blank report for this run-through.

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