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Upgrading SSIS 2005 packages to SSIS 2008

There are couple of enhancements in SSIS 2008 from its predecessor SSIS 2005. For example, Lookup transformation has been enhanced, development environment for Script Task and Script Component has been changed from VSA to VSTA, name of certain connection providers have changed etc. If you intend to upgrade your SSIS 2005 packages to SSIS 2008, […]

Upgrade SSIS 2005 Packages to SSIS 2008

There are several enhancements in SSIS 2008 such as enhanced lookup transformation, the development environment for Script Task and Script Component changing from VSA to VSTA, etc. If you intend to upgrade your SSIS 2005 packages to SSIS 2008 it may be a challenging task especially if it uses the Script Task or Script Component […]

Windows Server 2008 Print Management


ASP.NET 4.0 – New Features

By Joydip Kanjilal and Bhupali Khule ASP.NET 4.0 is neither a revolutionary change nor a refactoring of the existing ASP.NET. Instead, it consists of a number of small-scale changes that allow developers to have a strong control of certain frequently used events. What makes ASP.NET 4.0 more effective than the already existing versions of ASP.NET […]

Using The Data Mining Query Task in SSIS

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a Business Intelligence tool which can be used by database developers or administrators to perform Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) operations. In my previous article Using Analysis Services Processing Task & Analysis Services Execute DDL Task in SSIS I discussed how to use the Analysis Services Processing Task to […]

Install PowerShell on Windows Server 2008


50 Tips to Boost Performance of an ASP.NET Application – Part 2

Continuing from ASP.NET Performance Tips Part 1 we now conclude with Performance Tips 26-50. 26. Batched Queries: Queries can be used in a batch and thus network traffic can be reduced: Here is an example: “Select EmpNo, EmpName, EmpAddress from Employee”; “Select DepNo, DeptName From Department”; From the above two queries it seems that there […]

50 Tips to Boost Performance of an ASP.NET Application – Part 1

When we are looking to optimize the performance of  web applications we should keep in mind about Memory Load, Processor Load and Network Bandwidth. Here are 50  best practices to improve the performance and scalability of ASP.NET applications. 1. Page.IsPostBack Property Keep code which only needs to be loaded once inside an IsPostBack block. if(!IsPostBack) […]

Understanding WCF Hosting

 WCF is a flagship product from  Microsoft for developing distributed application using SOA. Prior to WCF   traditional ASMX Web services were hosted only on Internet Information Services (IIS). The hosting options for WCF services are significantly enhanced from Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 onwards. In WCF there are three main parts: Service, Endpoints and Hosting Environment. […]

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