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SQL 2000 to SQL 2005: Where Have All the Old Features Gone?

As more DBAs across the planet begin using SQL 2005 Tools, but still manage SQL 2000 servers with them, I suspect there will be lots of muffled moaning as to where all the good old features have gone. Although Management Studio has some very nice long-awaited features, some of the good old stuff just isn’t […]

SQL Server XML Statistics and Execution Plans

One of SQL Server’s deficiencies when using XML queries is the lack of statistics capability in the XML driver. This is surprising because the ODBC API contains a function for providing statistics on remote data sources. SQL Server defaults to the fixed assumed row count values for remote servers, which is unreasonably high for XML […]

Job Performance Audit Checklist

SQL Server Job Performance Audit Checklist SQL Server Job Checklist Your Response Are you running any unnecessary jobs? Are jobs scheduled to run during production lulls? Do any SQL Server jobs on the same server overlap? Do you have any non-SQL Server jobs that overlap?   Have jobs that run T-SQL been optimized? Have you […]

SQL Server Monitoring in 8 Steps: Lessons From the Field

“To count is to know.” SQL Server database systems are more than ever before being chosen as the preferred backend database solution for large business’s critical systems. And SQL Server richly deserves this status. As a result of this, more users than ever before are blocked in their daily activity when the database is not […]

10 Baselining Tips for SQL Server: Lessons From the Field

“A known value against which later measurements can be compared” is one of many definitions for SQL Server baselining. In this article I want to share my findings with you on this subject. This document is the first in a series of four where I want to cover subjects as baselining (this article), monitoring, stress […]

Top 10 Must Have Features in O/R Mapping Tools

Object-to-relational (O/R) mapping tools are becoming more popular each day and people are realizing the productivity gain they provide to developers. Yet, many people do not know enough about O/R mapping to consider using these tools and many others are weary of using any code generators (including O/R mapping tools). In this article, I will […]

Exception Handling in SQL Server 2000 and 2005

Error handling plays a vital role when writing stored procedures or scripts. In this article I will discuss error handling in SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server SQL Server 2005. Before starting the discussion of the error handling part, I will take you through the different components of an error message. Here is a typical […]

How to Optimize the Use of the “OR” Clause When Used with Parameters

Have you ever tried to use parameter validation within a SQL Server stored procedure using an OR clause? At times, it can cause performance problems. I found this recently when I was asked to fine tune a stored procedure. The procedure had two parameters, and either of them could be optional. The developer who wrote […]

Database Configuration Settings Performance Checklist

Performance Audit Checklist Database Configuration Settings Default Value Current Value auto_close off auto_create_statistics on auto_update_statistics on auto_shrink off read_only off torn_page_detection on in 2000off in 7.0 compatibility level 80 for 200070 for 7.0 database auto grow on transaction log auto grow on Enter your results in the table above.  Each Database Needs to Be Audited […]

Index Performance Audit Checklist

Index Performance Audit Checklist Indexing Checklist Your Response Have you run the Index Tuning Wizard recently? Does every table in each database have a clustered index? Are any of the columns in any table indexed more than once? Are there any indexes that are not being used in queries?   Are the indexes too wide? […]