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Compression Using DeflateStream and GZipStream

The .NET System.IO.Compression namespace provides two general purpose compressions streams –  DeflateStream and GZipStream

SharePoint Performance Tuning – Part 1

This article demonstrates how the performance benefits of implementing front-end caching in performance.

SharePoint Performance Tuning – Part 1

First part of a three part series demonstrates how to get boost performance using caching in SharePoint.

PowerShell Tutorial – CmdLets

In PowerShell  commands are known as CmdLets (pronounced Command Lets). Cmdlets follow the naming convention of Verb-Noun combination: E.g: Get-Help, Get-Service, Get-Process …….

Visual Studio LightSwitch Tutorial

Detailed walkthrough on creating a simple application using Visual Studio LightSwitch.

IIS Application Pools for ASP.NET Apps

This article demonstrates how to manage and optimize IIS pools for running ASP.NET apps.

Exchange Server Performance – Optimizing Database Availability Groups (DAG)

Under a DAG configuration,  mailbox data is replicated across several hosts.  The result of this is that in Exchange Server 2010 it is now less important to build in system level redundancy. If a DAG node fails, as opposed to  rebuilding it, we can simply build a node, add it as a replica, the data will replicate to it.

Migrating to Windows Server 2008 R2