SQL Server Clustering

Does a SQL Server cluster support load balancing?

Question I was told by a friend, that at his last company they had a SQL Server environment which contained four clustered servers that were load balanced. So in effect, when they pulled the plug on one server, the other three would adjust and pick up the load. From my experience of setting up and […]

We have a SQL Server 2000 cluster. I have been trying to get SQLMail to work with it, but have failed. What am I doing wrong?

SQLMail is not officially supported under SQL Server7.0 clustering. SQLMail in SQL Server 2000 is supposed to work under clustering, although I have not personally tried it. In fact, I don’t recommend it as you must add mail clients to both servers, and I don’t like the idea of adding mail clients (with all the […]

We are planning a new SQL cluster. We intend to have the two servers separated by 100 meters. Will the cluster’s shared disk array be a single point of failure for us?

A cluster is designed to provide fault tolerance for the physical servers, the operating system, and the application software, but not for data. Fault tolerance for data should be handled by a fault tolerant shared disk array, log shipping, or database mirroring (in SQL Server 2005). So in a sense, the shared disk array is […]

How do I change the IP addresses of clustered SQL Servers?

Question Recently, due to corporate requirements, we had to change all the IP numbers on all our servers, including our clustered SQL server. Since this change, we cannot set up an ODBC connection or connect to Enterprise Manager using the virtual IP address or the virtual name of the server, although we can using the […]

What are the implications of server clustering on replication?

Replications works with SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server 2000, and SQL Server 2005 clustering. But as you might well imagine, configuring and maintaining a SQL Server cluster that is also involved in replication can be a headache. Whether or not you decide to cluster SQL Servers involved in replication has to do with how important the […]

We have five SQL Servers and want to not only upgrade, but to cluster these servers as well.

Question We currently have five SQL Server servers managing over 100 databases. We would like upgrade to the newest version, and at the same time incorporate clustering. What are our clustering options, and what would you recommend? AnswerIt looks like you have a big project ahead of you. There are several options, so let’s take […]

How do you restore the master database on a SQL Server cluster?

Question I have learned a lot from your articles on SQL Server clustering. We are moving towards a clustering environment very soon, but there is one problem that I can’t solve before we go live. Restoring a Master database in a clustering environment is a big problem. This is especially important in a disaster scenario […]

Is clustering, log shipping, or replication the best option for high SQL Server availability?

Question I am after a some advice for an installation that I am about to start. The company I am currently working for has just invested heavily in a SAN. It is located in two sites with high speed connections. The solution is fully fault tolerant and each server is configure with 2 x 2GB […]

Is it possible for both nodes in a SQL Server cluster to open up the same .MDF & .LDF file on the shared array simultaneously?

Question Is it possible for both nodes in a SQL Server cluster to open up the same .MDF & .LDF file on the shared array simultaneously and still be able to perform standard SQL calls (SELECT, UPDATE & INSERT) without causing corruption, performance degradation and/or sharing issues.  Answer No, this is not possible. Microsoft clustering technology […]

How can I create a cluster out of two independent SQL Server boxes?

Question If I have two SQL Server servers running separately, and want to create a clustered environment with them. Do I need to build the Windows cluster first, and then re-install SQL Server , or can I cluster the database engine post-installation? AnswerAlthough it is a pain, here is what I suggest: The very first […]