SQL Server General DBA

Can I downgrade my SQL Server databases to an earlier version?

No, at least not using sp_detach_db, sp_attached_db; or backup and restore. But you can recreate the database schema in a database on a different version of the database and then use DTS or SSIS to move the data.

Why do I get an unordered resultset, although my table has a clustered index?

Although the presence of a clustered index often seems to produce an ordered resultset, there is no guarantee that this will work in all cases. If you execute a SELECT statement without an explicit ORDER BY, SQL Server will try to return the information in the fastest possible way. This might be or might be […]

Should we automatically reboot our SQL Servers on a weekly basis?

Question There’s a debate going on within our company about whether or not we should automatically reboot our SQL Servers on a weekly basis. We are not experiencing any current problems, but some people are saying that by regularly rebooting, we will prevent future issues. Will doing so help performance or reliability of SQL Server? […]

Import Data Using SSIS from an Excel Workbook which has Dynamic Sheets Using SSIS

Importing data from Excel is a simple task if you are using SSIS. You can accomplish this by simply drag and dropping few controls and you are done. But what if your excel workbook has dynamic sheets, which means you will not know the sheet name. Excel Sheet Let us assume we need to import […]
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