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Hints with Indexed Views SQL Server 2000/2005 Indexed View Performance Tuning and Optimization Tips Performance Tuning for Views


Allocation Page: A SQL Server page used to hold metadata about other SQL Server pages. Some examples of allocation pages are the Page Free Space page, the Global Allocation Map page, and the Secondary Global Allocation Map page. Bottleneck: Something that prevents SQL Server or a SQL Server application from running optimally. Often, this is […]

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SQL Server Performance-Related Links 6 Ways to Boost ADO Application Performance (Microsoft) Compaq White Paper on SQL Server 6.5 Performance Tuning Microsoft White Paper on SQL Server 7 Performance Transactional Replication Performance Tuning and Optimization   General SQL Server Web Sites ASP.Net Enterprise Manager — Open source SQL Server and MSDE Web Interface Compaq — […]

SQL Server Resource Kit Utilities

The Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Resource Kit includes a variety of utilities that you may find useful. Some of the key ones include: ยท         Administrative Stored Procedures: This is a series of stored procedures you can run to help identify non-standard SQL Server settings. For example: o    To check server configuration settings for potential improvements […]


Performance Tuning Tips for Creating Visual Basic Applications Using SQL Server ASP.NET and SQL Server Performance Tips Performance Tuning ASP Pages Using SQL Server ADO.NET and SQL Server Performance Tips

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Useful SQL Server DBCC Commands

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Tips for Optimizing SQL Server OLAP/Analysis Services Hardware Performance Tips for Optimizing SQL Server OLAP/Analysis Services — Cube Performance Tips for Optimizing SQL Server OLAP/Analysis Services: Data Warehouse & Datamart Performance

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Performance Tuning SQL Server ODBC Performance Tuning SQL Server OLE DB SQL Server XML Performance Tips Data Type Performance Tuning Tips for Microsoft SQL Server Performance Tuning Tips for Using Microsoft Access and SQL Server Together Performance Tuning Tips for Using Microsoft Visual FoxPro and SQL Server Together Tips on Optimizing SQL Server Database Design […]

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How to Performance Tune the Microsoft SQL Server tempdb Database SQL Server Service Pack SQL Server Federated Database Performance Tuning Tips Database Settings How to Performance Tune Microsoft SQL Server During Setup Link Servers Performance Tuning SQL Server’s Configuration Settings SQL Server Filegroups AWE Memory VLDB Performance Tuning and Optimization Tips for Using SQL Server […]

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SQL Server Notification Services Performance Tuning SQL Server Full-Text Search Performance Tuning and Optimization

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