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Product Review: dbForge SQL Complete

Introduction If you are an intensive T-SQL writer, you might need an additional help As a T-SQL developer, one of the major obstacles that you will come across is determining the columns names for relevant tables. One of the major features, among many other valuable features, that this tool is equipped with is, finding the […]

LepideAuditor for SQL Server Review

Product: LepideAuditor for SQL Server Publisher: Lepide Software Pvt Ltd. Price Pricing is based on Per Server. Single server license fee is $ 499. Support and Upgrades are free as long as subscription is valid. They offer Educational, Government and Non-profit discounts. Introduction LepideAuditor is an auditing tool for Auditing in SQL Server. Though there […]

Qure Analyzer Review

Introduction Imagine you are new to a SQL Server environment and are given the task to analyse it for overall performance. Or that you are a DBA that needs to provide hard facts to management what increase in performance to expect from a move to different hardware, or from the move to a different version […]

dbWatch Database Monitoring Tool

Introduction In an ideal world companies would have only one operating system for all servers, all of them always on the same patch level. There would be only one strategic database platform and every database administrator knows that system and the management tools that ship with it from the inside out. While this vision may […]

SQL Virtual Restore Review

Introduction If you happen to work for a large company you are probably used to have the luxury of having a dedicated development environment (DEV), another one for user-acceptance testing (UAT), and then, of course, the production environment (PROD). Many times the company has even a policy in place that at least the UAT and […]

Qure – SQL Server Workload Tuning Tool Review

Introduction Performance is a key metric for databases. Modern enterprise-class SQL database systems are expected to handle the heaviest workload and still provide good and constant performance. The internal code in the database engine is highly optimized and tuned, but this doesn’t hold always true for the databases managed by those database systems. A poorly […]

Confio Ignite PI 8 E studio De Un Caso

Hace aproximadamente un mes he comenzado a probar Ignite PI versión 8 de CONFIO, www.confio.com. Luego de algunas pruebas de laboratorio, he decidido instalarlo en un cliente en producción para un análisis más exhaustivo. Este cliente genera 800 facturas en línea por día, administra clientes, proveedores, administra stock, genera guías de distribución, maneja la contabilidad, […]

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server Review

Product: dbForge Schema Publisher: Devart Price: Edition Price 30 Day Trial 0 Standard  From 149.95$ Professional  From 229.95$ Standard edition includes essential tools for schema comparison and synchronization. Professional is a fully-featured tool, able to complete any schema comparison and synchronization tasks. Hardware Requirements Requirement Recommended Processor 800 MHz or Higher RAM 512 MB Disk […]

Spotlight on ApexSQL Diff – Server-based database comparison tool

Table of contents Introduction ApexSQL Diff Installation, System Requirements, supported SQL Server versions Using ApexSQL Diff The Command Line Interface Summary Conclusion Introduction Databases are no static objects. Most databases constantly change on a more or less regular basis. Detecting changes and synchronizing two copies of a database is a tedious and no easy task. […]

Spotlight on ApexSQL Data Diff – Server-based database comparison tool

Table of contents Introduction ApexSQL Data Diff Installation, System Requirements, supported SQL Server versions Using ApexSQL Data Diff in Data Mode The Command Line Interface Summary Conclusion Introduction Synchronizing data between database in non-production environments is one of the tasks I find myself performing quite regularly for a variety of reasons. While you surely can […]