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A Solution for Your Bar Coding Needs From Barcode Professional

Software Spotlight Product: Barcode Professional for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Version: 3.0 Publisher: Neodynamic Price: License and Latest Price Information The printing of bar codes is a frequent operation in most organizations. However, when the need does arise, it has a high cost mainly due to a limitation of resources. Other than the hardware […]

Protect Your SQL Servers with Idera’s SQLsafe

Executive Summary Recommended by SQL-Server-Performance.Com Product: SQLsafe 3.1. Publisher: Idera. Pricing: Per SQL Server Instance … $995. Key Benefits: Reduces DBA workload by reducing the amount of time spent backing up, restoring, and managing SQL Server database backups. Greatly reduces the amount of space required to store SQL Server backups. Helps companies comply with data […]

Spotlight on ApexSQL Log : SQL Server Audit & Recovery Tool

Introduction When you follow the different communities dedicated to Microsoft SQL Server, you cannot help noticing many questions about if it is somehow possible to view or audit the content of the log file. Such questions are good candidates for a FAQ and the reasons for the questioners to ask are manifold. Probably someone mistakenly […]

Effectively Manage Changes and Configurations on Your SQL Server

Software Spotlight Product: SQLconfig Version 1.7 Publisher: Idera Price: $995 Per Instance As a DBA or system administrator, you know how difficult it is to configure a database. It is even more difficult to maintain the configuration. In the case of SQL Server, as a DBA you have to monitor new database object changes. You […]

SqlSpec, Not Just a Documentation Tool

Software Spotlight Product: SqlSpec Version: 2.0 Publisher: Elsasoft Price: $50 per license There are many tools in the market arena to document your databases. I believe this is one of the most common types of database tools available. The high number of tools is an indication that this is a required feature for database developers […]

Data Architecture and Database Design Made Easy With ER/Studio

Software Spotlight Product: ER/Studio Version: 7.1 Publisher: Embarcadero Technologies Price: Available on request Designing and documenting a new database, or reverse engineering one that already exists, is a task that can quickly become very complex. Even small databases with only a few tables are no exception. If you don’t want to lose track, you need […]

Use ApexSQL Doc to Document Your Database

Software Spotlight Product: ApexSQL Doc Version: 2005.02.0191 Publisher: ApexSQL Price: 1-3 Licenses $249 4-6 Licenses $179 7-10 Licenses $159 11-20 Licenses $149 21+ Licenses on Request ApexSQL, publisher of a wide range of SQL Server support tools, offers ApexSQL Doc to fulfill the needs of documenting databases. Documentation of a database should provide the scripts […]

Is Your SQL Server Susceptible to SQL Injection Attacks

If you are a Web site developer or a QA tester, you know how difficult it is to test against SQL Injection attacks. SQL Injection is an attack on a Web application that passes (“injects”) unauthorized SQL query/commands into a command stream by talking advantage of input that isn’t validated, mainly from Web sites. Many […]

Write SQL Statements Faster with SQL Prompt

Software Spotlight Product: SQL Prompt Version: 2 Publisher: Red Gate Software Price: FREE until September 1, 2006 If you are a visual developer, you may be used to seeing a list of keywords for variables whenever you type “.” or press Ctrl + Spacebar in your integrated development environment. I don’t think you need me […]

Free Yourself from Writing Common Functions with AGS SQL Server 2005 Utilities

Software Spotlight Product: AGS SQL Server Utilities Version: 1.0.2149.26346 Publisher: GeckoWare Australia* Price: $49.99 Developers play an important role in today’s IT environment. However, most of these developers spend valuable time developing common functions, like checking the leap year and reading or writing to the event log. AGS SQL Server 2005 Utilities can provide some […]