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Quickly Compare and Synchronize SQL Server Database Contents with SQL Data Compare

Software Spotlight Product: SQL Data Compare Version: 5 Publisher: Red Gate Software Price: From $295 In an enterprise-wide network environment, managing multiple versions of the same database is a common task for a database administrator. In some cases, you will need to synchronize the databases, the database objects, or the actual data either by using […]

Creating Reports Is Easy with DBxtra

Software Spotlight Product: DBxtra Version: 2005.0.3 Publisher: Quanticus S.A. de C.V. Price: $299.00 How many times have you been asked to produce a report in a hurry? As you know, most of the time, management wants a report to be delivered as fast as possible. Sometimes, a simple tabular report just will not do; and […]

Document Your Databases with DB Documentor

Software Spotlight Product: DB Documentor Version: 1.1.2 Publisher: Elzaris Technologies Price: $199.00 How do you keep a backup of your database schemas? The easiest way is to make a backup of the database and store it. An obvious drawback to this method is that whenever you want to locate the schema of a database object […]

Power, Productivity, and Performance too — Optimize Your SQL Server with sqlSen

Executive Summary Product: sqlSentry v2.7. Publisher: InterCerve, Inc. Pricing sqlSentry Software License(s) SQL Server Instances $995.00 Windows Task Scheduler Instances $295.00 sqlSentry Annual Maintenance* SQL Server Instances $199.00 Windows Task Scheduler Instances $59.00 sqlSentry Quick Start Packs** Quick Start Pack — 5 SQL Server & 5 Task Scheduler Licenses* $2,995.00 Quick Start Pack — 10 […]

sqlSentry Relieves Your SQL Server Job Headaches

Software Spotlight Product: sqlSentry Version: 2.5 Publisher: sqlSentry Price: $995 per SQL Server instance* $295 per Windows Task Scheduler instance As a DBA, you probably begin your day by reviewing all the Microsoft SQL Server jobs that ran the night before. This is by no means an easy task. It is even more difficult if […]

Monitor Your Servers around the World with ManageEngine Applications Manager

Software Spotlight Product: ManageEngine Applications Manager Version: 6 Publisher: AdventNet, Inc. Price: Starts at $595 In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, 24/7 system availability has become necessary, not just an added advantage. To achieve this target you need to monitor your web applications, application servers, web servers, database servers, mail servers, and other related services […]

SQL Backup Saves Bandwidth and Time

Software Spotlight Product: SQL Backup Version: Publisher: Red-Gate Software Price: $395 (Standard) $695 (Pro) The importance of your data is self-evident — that’s why you’ve chosen Microsoft’s SQL Server to maintain it. Creating a backup of your data on a regular basis to guard against mishap is an essential part of the daily activity […]

Idera’s SQL compliance manager 2.0 Makes the Grade

Executive Summary Product: SQL compliance manager 2.0 Publisher: Idera Price: $1,495 per SQL Server instance Key Features: Audits virtually all SQL Server activity Stores data in central database Easy to use reporting Highly scalable Easy to install and administer Price competitive Introduction In the good old days of being a SQL Server DBA (before the […]

Monitor SQL Server Performance With Idera’s SQL Diagnostic Manager

Monitoring SQL Server databases is one of the most crucial jobs a DBA performs — it can be time-consuming and tedious. While Microsoft provides several good native tools to help you monitor how SQL Server is behaving, using these tools requires a lot of manual work. Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate many […]

SQL Stripes for SQL Server

It is important to have a monitoring and management tool that can alert you to problems with SQL Server or its resources. A tool that can send an e-mail alert is especially important so you can obtain real-time alerts and take action instantly, if needed. SQL Stripes, by PureNetworking.net, is a database management application that […]