SQL Server Software

OfficeWriter for SQL Server Reporting Services

Making instant business decisions requires instant access to current relevant information, and IT department systems must deliver the right information to the right person at the right time. As you are aware, traditional systems that include system packages, third-party applications, and home-grown customized applications are addressed to particular needs and often tend to be expensive […]

Keep a Track of Your SQL Server Database with DB Audit Expert

Almost daily, a security breach is revealed in the news, with many more that never make the headlines. The FBI estimates that less then 20% of all cases are reported, as organizations are afraid to make the information about data theft and security breaches available to the public, which could damage their reputation and business […]

SqlAnswersMail is the Answer to Sending E-mail in Text, HTML or PDF using SQL Server

Getting SQL Server to send mail has never been easy. Whether it is sending an e-mail to a mailing list, or sending the results of queries to users, SQL Server doesn’t make this task easy. And if you wanted to output anything other than simple text, you were in even deeper trouble. But not anymore. […]

SQL Examiner: Not Just a SQL Server Comparison Tool

Database comparison and synchronization are frequent operations that most of do in our daily work as a developer or DBA. Tulasoft LLC has released a tool called SQL Examiner for the above purposes. There are several third party tools available for you to perform these same tasks for you. So why do you need another […]

Rescue SQL Server Data with Red Gate’s SQL Log Rescue

Data is your business. If you lose your data, you could lose the business. So, as DBAs, we have to give special attention to our data. If you deal with a high volume of data, you know that life is not a bed of roses. Red Gate Software, the popular SQL Server utility software vendor, […]

Double Your SQL Server’s Performance Without Really Trying

Virtually every DBA has at least one third-party, SQL Server-based application whose performance is terrible. Most DBAs have many. In most cases, you have added as many indexes as practical, tweaked SQL Server and OS settings, and if you have the budget, thrown hardware at the problem. In many cases, these steps may have boosted […]

A First Look at SSW SQL Auditor

Maintaining quality and standards are very difficult in large teams. This becomes even more difficult when teams are spanned over different geographical regions, which is the current trend in the IT world. SSW SQL Auditor allows developers to check their database design against common SQL Server design rules, and report on the elements that do […]

A & G Software’s SQL Scribe Documentation Builder Automatically and Quickly Documents SQL Server Databases

Have you ever tried to manually document a SQL Server database? I have, and it’s no fun. In fact, and I hate to admit it, my documentation was not as thorough as it should have been. And did I keep the documentation updated like I should? I think I’ll skip answering that question. As DBAs, […]

Package SQL Server Databases As If They Were Programs, with SQL Packager

Every once in a while, a truly unique SQL Server product pops up, one that you have never seen before, and at the same time, provides a clever solution to a common problem. For example, let’s say that you are a developer and you need to include a database (both schema and data) with your […]

Increase SQL Server’s Performance with Speed Coefficient 2.2

Improving the performance of your database can be a huge and costly task. To achieve this, there are various tools available to accomplish this, including those included with SQL Server, and third-party tools. So, why you want to use a third-party tool instead of the free tools included with SQL Server? There are many reasons, […]