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ApexSQL Edit Replaces the Need for SQL Server’s Query Analyzer

To many DBAs and Transact-SQL developers, Query Analyzer is an old friend. We are familiar with how it works, and we understand its strengths and weaknesses. And, like many of our friends, most of them have some room for improvements. (My friends excluded, just in case they read this.) While Query Analyzer offers many features […]

Diskeeper Can Boost Your SQL Server’s Performance


MyLittleAdmin Web-Based SQL Server Manager Packs a Big Punch

When a web hosting company decides to offer Microsoft SQL Server databases as a feature, customers need a way to access their databases. Usually it’s through one of the following ways: MS SQL Enterprise Manager – Many hosts choose to have their customers use the free built-in desktop Enterprise Manager, which has become a familiar […]

Apex SQL Script Makes Scripting SQL Server Data and Objects a Breeze

As a DBA or SQL Server developer, you may run into cases where it would be handy to script data stored in tables or views so that it can be transferred to another database. Some of the reasons you might want to do this include: To archive data. By scripting data (and then deleting it […]

Monitor Your SQL Server’s Performance with SQL Power Tools Zero Impact Product Line

Monitoring a SQL Server-based application’s performance, whether its one you have purchased off-the-shelf or have written in-house, is a complex task involving many variables. But when it comes right down to it, it all depends on the user’s perception of performance. After all, our purpose in life (as DBAs) is to provide the best overall […]

Gnosis Transaction Manager for SQL Server

Writing complex client/server or n-tier applications, using SQL Server as the backend database, can be very difficult, very frustrating, and very expensive. In fact, have you ever seen such a project be completed on time and on budget? Those projects are rare indeed.There are many variables and problems that affect the success of designing and […]