SQL Server Analysis

Tips for Optimizing SQL Server OLAP/Analysis Services Hardware Performance

Multiple CPUs in the server are important for data warehousing applications because they allow SQL Server to run parallel queries, which can greatly speed performance. If you know your data warehouse or OLAP cube is going to be busy, seriously consider 4, 8, or more CPUs, especially dual and quad CPUs. [7.0, 2000, 2005] Updated […]

Tips for Optimizing SQL Server OLAP/Analysis Services — Cube Performance

When selecting indexes for your data warehousing databases, don’t forget that if you decide to use your data warehousing databases for creating OLAP cubes, that the indexes you select affect the creation and processing time of the cubes themselves. Generally, you should consider adding indexes for each fact table and dimension table, and declaring foreign […]

Tips for Optimizing SQL Server OLAP/Analysis Services: Data Warehouse & Datamart Performance

While in production, set the “read only” database option to true for your data warehouses and datamarts (not cubes). This will turn off locking and greatly speed queries against the data. If you do make your database “read-only, be sure to update the database’s statistics first. This is especially important for SQL 7.0 and 2000 […]