SQL Server Performance Tuning

Tips for Using Performance Monitor I/O Counters

If your I/O subsystem is working efficiently, then each time SQL Server wants to write or read data, it can without waiting. But if the load on the server is too great, then reads and writes will have to wait, each taking their turn. This can significantly reduce SQL Server’s performance. One of the best […]

Tips for Using Performance Monitor CPU Counters

As you measure CPU activity with CPU counters, keep in mind that the following processes are those that use the most CPU resources in SQL Server: Context switching: This occurs when threads are switched between CPUs in your SQL Server, and excessive context switching eats up CPU resources. In some cases, context switching can be […]

Using the SQL Server Profiler

The Profiler can store the data it captures in a text file or in a SQL Server table. For fastest performance and to use the fewest resources, you should store your data in a text file, not in a SQL Server table, on a computer other than the SQL Server being traced. If you do […]

SQL Server Performance Case Studies

This page is devoted to actual SQL Server performance tuning and optimization case studies. If you would like to contribute your own experience, please e-mail webmaster@SQL-Server-Performance.Com. ***** Our company runs an ERP program, which uses SQL Server as its back-end. We have been running the application for about 6 months, and recently a user called, […]