SQL Server Views

Hints with Indexed Views

Hints can be used with indexed views if you find that the Query Optimizer has not chosen the ideal index for best performance. Normally, if the following conditions are met, the Query Optimizer will automatically consider the use of an indexed view if one exists when running a query: SQL Server 2000/2005 Enterprise Edition is […]

Performance Tuning for Views

While views are often convenient to use, especially for restricting users from seeing data they should not see, they aren’t always good for performance. So if database performance is your goal, avoid using views (SQL Server 2000/2005 Indexed Views are another story). Views can slow down queries for several different reasons. For example, let’s look […]

SQL Server 2000/2005 Indexed View Performance Tuning and Optimization Tips

If your application needs to access views often, consider adding a unique clustered index to your views to significantly improve performance. When a view is created with a unique clustered index, the view is created with the clustered index, which is created and stored in the database the same way as a clustered index on […]