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Jun 7, 2016
    1. Shehap
      Thx for your trust , indeed I am much grateful for you
    2. Shehap
      Yes , you are right for this option it is fully supported by SQL Server 2008 and onwards but perhaps I didn’t pay enough attention for his SQL Server version, but anyway it was a good chance to know about it and its benefits for Ad-hoc queries

      Thx for your kind words and comments
    3. shivashankara
      E-Mail Delivery in SSRS, is it possible?

      What i need is: i need a way to e-mail a message to individual users or groups after subscription that please go and check the report in portal.

      In the mail i don't want to attach the report and even i don't want to attach URL Link in it, i just want to send a message to a group of users that go and check the report in portal.

      Please let me know how to do this? Thank you
    4. shivashankara

      Still i am unable to create a new thread.
      Could you please solve this asap.
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