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100 % Stacked column Chart

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services' started by Jayakumar.s, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Jayakumar.s New Member

    I am using 100% Stacked column chart. By Default y axis is display 0 to 100.
    But I want formatting as 0% to 100 %. If I change the formatting to Percentage, it displaying 0% to 10000%. (Hope its multiplying 100 on that.)
    Please suggest me is there any option to set the formatting without affecting the numbers to 10000.
    Note : Tried to change the Minimum and maximum as 0 and 1, but Its failed to plot 100% column chart . Its been plotted by only stacked chart
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    Are you planning on answering some questions or just marketing your product?
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    .NET formatting will automatically scale every number by 100 when the applied formatting command is %. This is a very sad limitation that is present in the build in .NET control as it uses .NET formatting commands internally - our control has the ability to downscale the values prior to formatting so that you can still display "%" sign without having to downscale the vallues from the database.
    PP: I apologize if I have violated the rules of this forum, you see - my job is to offer Nevron products as a solution to such problems. Thanks for the not-so-hard attitude :)))
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    Well, then why don't you ask the webmaster for a software review?
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