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10K rpm vs. 15K rpm

Discussion in 'Performance Tuning for Hardware Configurations' started by chopeen, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. chopeen Member

    What do you think about 15K rpm disk?
    Are they worth the money one has to pay for them?
    Or maybe it is better to buy more 10K disk?

    I am asking because I have been told that 15K disk are ridiculuosly expensive.


    Marek 'chopeen' Grzenkowicz, MCP
  2. Luis Martin Moderator

    I don't other policies but here, one 18Gby disk is more expensive than 36Gby. I think in near future will be the same between 10K and 15K

    Luis Martin

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  3. joechang New Member

    the primary for buying 15K drive is to handle very high random IO.
    a 15K drive can typically handle 40-50% more random IO than a 10K drive.
    depending on how you buy drives, the $/IO varies.
    at the bare drive level, the following are current US$
    10K 15K
    36GB 145 270
    72GB 270 525

    when the cost of the enclosure and disk controller is taken into account, i think the $/IO makes sense, also, its easier to manage 20 15K drives than 30 10K
  4. derrickleggett New Member

    I have our main production server here on 15k drives for what's it worth. On an EMC, they really don't cost that much when you take into account the overall cost. The performance is significantly better. I have the main production systems on 15k 72gb drives. The backup is on the old drives I promoted production from, which are 72gb 10k drives. The other environments and servers all use 146gb 10k drives in various RAID combinations. We do a lot of volume on the main production instances, so the price was more than worth it to us.


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  5. chopeen Member

    Thanks, guys.

    That is exactly the kind of information I needed.


    Marek 'chopeen' Grzenkowicz, MCP

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