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2 new whitepapers for SQL Server 2005

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements' started by FrankKalis, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. FrankKalis Moderator

    ** Working with tempdb in SQL Server 2005 **
    This white paper describes how SQL Server 2005 uses tempdb. Many
    improvements in SQL Server 2005 optimize tempdb usage and make it easier to
    manage and to troubleshoot. A case study that uses a workload similar to TPC
    Benchmark H (TPC-H) shows new ways to manage and troubleshoot tempdb
    resources. This paper also includes items to consider when upgrading to SQL
    Server 2005 and configuring tempdb.

    ** Physical Database Storage Design Guide **
    This physical storage design guide is written to help database architects
    and administrators configure Microsoft SQL Server 2005 systems for optimal
    I/O performance and space utilization. This article also emphasizes the new
    SQL Server 2005 features that are significant to these discussions.

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    Thanks for the Links Frank

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