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2005 Cluster problem

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2005 Clustering' started by sramesh, May 10, 2007.

  1. sramesh New Member

    Hi All
    I am new to sql 2005 clustering

    i got the below error while installing sql 2005 on cluster mode.

    I got the below error in node2.

    "SQL Server Remote Setup .job" (setup.exe) 5/10/2007 4:30:04 PM ** ERROR **
    Unable to start task.
    The specific error is:
    0x80070005: Access is denied.
    Try using the Task page Browse button to locate the application.
    [ ***** Most recent entry is above this line ***** ]

    Please help me. If any body have installation steps please provide me.

    S. Ramesh
  2. Argyle New Member

    Make sure that:
    - you login and install with an account that is administrator on both nodes
    - the remote registry service is started in both nodes.
  3. sramesh New Member

    I am able to login both system using administrator account.
    the remote registry service is started on both systesm

    S. Ramesh
  4. satya Moderator

  5. sramesh New Member

    Hi, the problem is resolved. I have istalled from network drive...

    But now i have another one question...I have one shared disk which is called drive R. while doing setup, where can i place my datafiles? Shared device (R) or C drive?

    S. Ramesh
  6. sramesh New Member

    I have 3 drives c, h, r. R is shared device. I have installed sql programs to H drive. Where can i place system dbs? H drive or R drive?

    S. Ramesh
  7. Raulie New Member

    You should always place the Quorum on a shared volume. How big is drive R? Never place the Databases on C: as it is generally used for OS files.


  8. MohammedU New Member

    It depends on what kind of configuration you have for these drives...

    If you are not seperating the data and log files then you can place on either of them... and make sure you have enough space for tempdb to grow...

    Where is quoram? do not put any database file on quorum drive...


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  9. satya Moderator

    I would go with H for system databasesand R for user databases.

    quote:Originally posted by sramesh

    I have 3 drives c, h, r. R is shared device. I have installed sql programs to H drive. Where can i place system dbs? H drive or R drive?

    S. Ramesh

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  10. Raulie New Member

    I would not place system databases on local storage, I would place all DBs especially system on a shared cluster disks and would want them always on shared storage in the SQL Resource Group.

    Sramesh - As a general rule of dumb create seperate volumes on shared storage, for the Quorum I would prefer to use the letter "Q:" on shared storage and only place the Quorum in this location. Place all Databases on a seperate shared volume. Are you on a SAN???? Keep in mind before you even think about clustering anything you must have storage requirments defined and ready to avoid extra work.


  11. sramesh New Member

    Hi thanks..

    I need one more solution....
    I have configured two server. I want add one more node to this clustering. How it is possible?
    The third node in cluster group without sql installation. How could i install sql server in the third node?

    S. Ramesh
  12. Raulie New Member



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