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3 Terabytes across 30 SQL Servers, DBA Wanted

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    Location: San Diego, CA

    Job Type: Full Time

    Compensation: Salary + Pre IPO Equity

    In this position, you will be installing & administering SQL Server 2000 databases on Windows NT/2K/XP advanced servers in a multiple database server, high availability environment. This includes building & rebuilding databases (fresh or from backups) to table/index design & performance tuning to administration of backups and cleanup tasks (this will be a very important responsibility for this position). In the near future, there will be some advanced database clustering & mirroring responsibilities (we need to begin to design with that in mind). Maintaining data integrity and cleaning up bad/old data will also be a priority.

    Candidates should possess:

    * 5+ years as a SQL DBA with at least 2 recent years in a MS SQLServer specific environment
    * Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition failover clustering
    * End-to-end, full life-cycle DBA experience
    * Expertise with building & rebuilding databases (fresh or from backups)
    * Expertise with table/index design
    * Expertise with performance tuning
    * Experience with administrating backups and cleanup tasks (crucial for this position)
    * Project management skills
    * Strong design skills & experience with advanced database clustering/mirroring technologies
    * Maintaining data integrity and cleaning up bad/old data will also be a priority
    * Very detail oriented (for change management)
    * Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
    * Multi-tasking capabilities
    * A "whatever it takes" attitude (friendly, humble, positive, confident)
    * Experience with clustered architecture to improve scalability and availability for multi-terabyte databases.

    Send resumes to: hr@corp.sms.ac


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