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32bit sql 2K on Win 2K3 x64

Discussion in 'Non-Transact SQL Developer Performance Tuning' started by snoopq11, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. snoopq11 New Member

    Ok, now that I found out sql 2K 64bit won't run on my new quad Xeon 64bit processors I am trying to install the 32bit sql 2K on there but having a problem getting the ODBC driver to show up under the ODBC Data Source Administrator. Any thoughts ?
  2. snoopq11 New Member

    Come to find out you have to use the ODBC Administrator from the SysWOW64 directory. Double click the obdcad32.exe file from that directory and use it as the ODBC Administrator instead of the one in Control Panel.

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