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3rd Party Peer-to-Peer

Discussion in 'SQL Server 2008 Replication' started by Righteousman, May 17, 2010.

  1. Righteousman New Member

    Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for 3rd party peer-to-peer replication? Our goal is to synchronize data across 8 or so website database servers and each of the databases need read/write capabilities at which point data will be replicated to the other servers.
    Obviously SQL Server has peer-to-peer built in but it requires Enterprise edition which is cost prohibitive to us.
    One tool we've found is DBMoto, however the current version (6.6) doesn't support this type of replication. Version 7 does, but it's still in development.
    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. satya Moderator

    Are you going to save any costs going towards third party tools for peer-to-peer replication?
    I think not, as the feature itself is an expensive and it will have the licensing costs too on top of management of data in terms of number of servers involved here.

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