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about distributed partition view

Discussion in 'General DBA Questions' started by Jelly0228, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. Jelly0228 New Member

    I created table aa1 in sql server host a©s
    create table aa1 (factory_code varchar(4),ymday varchar(10),qty int
    constraint pk_aa1 primary key (factory_code,ymday),
    constraint ck_aa1 check (factory_code='312' ),
    constraint ck_aa1_2 check (ymday between '2003/07/01' and '2003/07/30')

    Created table aa2 sql server host b(the database's name is TEST)©s
    create table aa2 (factory_code varchar(4),ymday varchar(10),qty int
    constraint pk_aa2 primary key (factory_code,ymday),
    constraint ck_aa2 check (factory_code='311' ),
    constraint ck_aa2_2 check (ymday between '2003/07/01' and '2003/07/30')

    3.created a link server in sql server b,the link server's is TEST.

    4.create a view in host a:
    create vies r_aa as
    select * from aa1
    union all
    select * from test.test.dbo.aa2

    I can select all rows from this view,but I can't insert or update any data into it.
    The error message means OLE DB Provider 'SQLOLEDB' can't suports distributed transactiion.

    Any suggestion???


  2. gaurav_bindlish New Member

  3. Jelly0228 New Member

    Many hanks for Gaurav's help.
    I using MDAC2.6 and SQL Server service packs 3.
    and the service of MSDTC is running.


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