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Attend SQLTeach/DEVTeach in Toronto This May

Discussion in 'Brad M McGehee' started by bradmcgehee, Feb 15, 2008.

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    If you would like to learn more about SQL Server or .Net development, and at the same time sample some Canadian culture, consider attending the upcoming SQLTeach and concurrent DevTeach in Toronto this upcoming May 12-16, 2008.
    The conference is divided into two sections. SQLTeach (www.sqlteach.com) is for SQL Server administrators and developers, while DevTeach (www.devteach.com) focuses on .Net. Of course, you can attend sessions from both events if you like.
    I will be making three presentations this year. They include:
    • DBA 101: Best Practices for DBAs
    • Introduction to the SQL Server 2008 Performance Studio
    • How to use SQL Server Hints
    I hope to see you there.

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