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Discussion in 'Third Party Tools' started by Dmitri Andreychenko, Jul 18, 2005.

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    DELFI Software constantly strives to improve the quality of authoring tool LERSUS. We suppose that one of the best ways to do it is simply to consider the needs and suggestions of our users and to put them into practice. All new features implemented in version 3.1 of LERSUS are result of collaboration with our clients.
    Use of models is the main mechanism of LERSUS, which enables all authors and subject matter experts to create learning modules effectively and professionally. Models determine all main features of a learning content like design, target format compatibility with different CMS and LMS.
    Almost all LERSUS users want to take a full advantage of the model mechanism not only using but also editing them. Version 3.1 of LERSUS includes the modified model editor WizLer, which gives users the possibility to easily edit LERSUS models, changing styles and adding own graphics, for example logo of their company.
    Another convenient feature is of this version is model, which allows creating learning modules with free aggregation.
    With new models you can add glossary to your e-lessons and develop tests in chm format. We improved the data exchange mechanism between learning modules generated by different didactic models.
    Server solution LePricon enables organizations with a large number of employed authors to manage purchased licenses. With LePricon it is possible to install LERSUS on as many PCs as you wish, but the number of simultaneously running LERSUS version is limited by the number of purchased licenses.
    Authors using LERSUS can add formatted texts, bullets and numbering, links, tables, pictures, flash-animation, video and audio to their learning modules. Creating modules with LERSUS is as easy as working with modern text processors.
    Further information, demo version and examples of successful projects are available on the website www.lersus.de All existing users can upgrade for LERSUS 3.1 for free.

    Dmitri Andreychenko
    DELFI Software

    D Andreychenko

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