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  1. travistan New Member

    Hi ,

    I already enable AWE for my Sql Server 2005 and set the min and max memory as well.
    But when I perform and DTS 2000 on Server 2005 , it does not perform well compare to my old server which running on Sql 2000.

    It seems weird for me since the new server actually have a better spec running on windows 2003 with 8 GB memory.

    1. How can I ensure that Sql Server 2005 being utilize the memory I set ?
    2. Is is a good practice that I store all the database logs in one drive and
    database file (mdf) in a seperate drive ?
    3. I will seperate the tempdb as well on different disk , it is a good way to go ?

    Thanks ,

  2. joechang New Member

    performance <> memory
    the above concept dates from the really old days when >32MB was big memory,
    now systems have more than enough that 1-3GB frequently sits unused

    find out specifically where there are differences in behavior
    ie, run perfmon & profiler on both systems

  3. satya Moderator

    Is it Windows 2003 standard edition?

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  4. travistan New Member

    Hi Satya ,

    Windows 2003 Enterprise version

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