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Beta Nominations for Reporting Services

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements' started by gaurav_bindlish, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. gaurav_bindlish New Member

    If you have a passion for technology and want to make a difference for your company and for SQL Server users around the world, sign up to participate in a SQL Server beta testing program. The SQL Server development team uses the feedback from beta testers to help refine and enhance product features. Any SQL Server customer can apply to participate. We (Microsoft) are now accepting nominations for the public beta of SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services, scheduled for release August 2003.


  2. vbkenya New Member

    Gaurav, bear with me.

    1. Do you have to be an existing SQL Server Customer to apply ?

    2. Any other special conditions for nomination?

    3. Why only Reporting Services ?

    Or is this asking too much ?

  3. gaurav_bindlish New Member

    vbKenya, I just saw the advertisement and thought I would share this with you. Anyway, I have registered for the beta test. I have been told that I will be contacted if I got selected. There are no preconditions like that for a beta that u have to be a customer. Else nobody will be able to test all the new products... Well Yukon eill be in in beta soon but as we have discussed in a forum before, the nominations for Beta 1 are limited to selected few from Microsoft. We'll know when Beta 2 starts. So for the time being we have only reporting services for beta. And i think it will be interesting as this is one application layer on top of SQL Server and I am pretty sure we'll find a lot to tune in the same. May be I am too positive..... <img src='/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif' alt=':)' />)<br /><br />Gaurav
  4. bradmcgehee New Member

    If you or your company gets a subscription to MSDN Universal, you will automatically get the betas delivered to your business or home. I recently got a subscription, and it has proved very useful. The subscription is expensive for individuals, but for a company, it can be easily justified.

    Brad M. McGehee, MVP
  5. satya Moderator

    True, it helps a lot to understand system and worth participating in Beta nominations as I did previously during SP3 & SP4 release of Version 7.

    I believe looking at current needs in market MS wanted to integrate Reporting services with SQL and YUKON.

    Satya SKJ
  6. gaurav_bindlish New Member

    Brad's idea of MSDN subscription is worth noticing. I am looking forward to the same...<br /><br />I had read somewhere that because SQL Server is used a lot for generating reports, and there were third party vedors which were building their applications on SQL Server, Microsoft decided to have a reporting system for SQL Server. This way the companies will be saving the money that they have to pay to third parties. And ofcourse now Microsoft will keep this money <img src='/community/emoticons/emotion-5.gif' alt=';)' /><br /><br />Gaurav
  7. vbkenya New Member

    I actually registered sometime back following one of the threads initiated by Satya but I got fired up to ask a few questions because of this part of Gaurav's post

    quote:Originally posted by gaurav_bindlish

    ........We (Microsoft) are now accepting nominations for the public beta of SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services,........

    I somehow must have misunderstood the quoted part thinking that Gaurav was part of Microsoft ! I naturally felt obliged to get some quick answers from the horse's (...or pony) mouth.

    All the same Brad's,Satya's and Gaurav's clarifications on the issue were enlightening.

    I hope to get nominated.

  8. satya Moderator

    I(we) might be expecting feedback from Gaurav and you after your participation with regard to this Reporting services application.
    (I can't spare time to take part this time).

    Satya SKJ
  9. gaurav_bindlish New Member

    The idea of having Microsoft in RED was to show that Microsoft means this. The para was copied from Microsoft site.... <br /><br />I guess in the past two - three days I have been misunderstood twice because I wanted to type less. I need to work on this. <br /><br />Thanks vbKenya for assuming that I am part of Microsoft. Gives a great feeling to me... <img src='/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif' alt=':)' />)<br /><br />Gaurav
  10. gaurav_bindlish New Member

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