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  1. Netic New Member

    Thanks in advance in reading this thread.
    I have developed a big SSIS package to extract data from flat-files ( + 200 Dataflows ).
    The situation is the following, inside de SSIS package, there are a lot of validations before extracting & loading the flat-files, i'm running this validations in paralell, so that when a file arrives, it enters the "validation process" and start extracting the file.
    When i run the SSIS package from BIDS it works the way i have concepted it... but when i run the ssis in the server, the tables that are loaded through the process are only "available" when the SSIS PACKAGE ends, it is imperative that trough the process, when a table receives new data, it becomes ready, and don't just be available when the SSIS package finishes...
    I have attached the an lousing .jpeg.
    It is importart for the tables to be available, so the stored procedures(OUTSIDE SSIS PACKAGE) that are dependent of some tables, start working before the SSIS package Ends.
    The package ends successfully, in BIDS or SQLSERVERJOB, but in BIDS, when tables become "available" before the package ends, and in SQLSERVERJOB, only when the package finishes, the tables become "available".
    I want to run parallel procedures, so for example:
    I have a table univerve ( TableA,B,C,D,E... TableZ).
    I have a stored procedure Universe (OUTSIDE SSIS PACKAGE) (ProcA,ProcB... ProcY).
    ProcA depends on TableA, TableC, Table P.
    To run ProcA I only need the Table A,B,P and not all table universe that is loaded in SSIS PACKAGE.

    Thanks for your effort.

    Thanks in Advance.
  2. satya Moderator

    Is this still getting into issues?

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