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    I have a table USER_DETAILS as belowCREATE TABLE USER_DETAILS ( USER_ID BIGINT NOT NULL, PASSWORD VARBINARY(MAX), IS_ENABLED TINYINT, DEFAULT_USERCLASS_ID BIGINT NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT CHK_USRDET_ISENAB CHECK (IS_ENABLED IN (0,1)), CONSTRAINT PK_USRDET_USERID PRIMARY KEY (USER_ID) ON INDEX_QPP) ON DATA_QPPTEXTIMAGE_ON BLOB_QPPGOValue is inserted as belowINSERT INTO USER_DETAILS VALUES (1,convert ( varbinary(max), '¦¼Ê+±ðáEºxÆ ª××?ºƒŽ¾dï:·vì×k?'),1,1);But when I query this table,select cast(password as char) from user_details;i get¦¼Ê+±ðáEºxÆ ª××?ºƒŽ¾dï:·vì× instead of¦¼Ê+±ðáEºxÆ ª××?ºƒŽ¾dï:·vì×k?Coould you please let me know how to get the exact value that was stored in the database.This is a encrypted string and I need this to compare it back.ThanksHarneet
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