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    Documentation is an important component in the governance of any project; however, I sometimes feel that more time is spent on documentation than the project itself. Large projects are full of all sorts of documents ranging from terms of reference and requirements through to technical solutions. One document that is often found in the collection of project documentation is a business case. A business case typically captures the reasoning for a project and includes resources such as the cost to deliver the project or the effort required.
    I was talking to a colleague today who was writing a business case with a difference. In the business case he was comparing three different SAN solutions. Rather than recommending a solution this document contained a technical description of the three solutions that was being submitted to the board to decide on. Now this would potentially be OK if the board was technical, however, as the company was a textile manufacturer, apart from cost I doubt that the board knew what the difference between SATA and Fibre Channel storage was. This was one of those times when I think that documentation was being performed almost for documentation's sake. A technical evaluation of the options should have been performed and then a paper presented to the board to approve the expenditure listing the positives and negatives for each option and a recommendation. Do you have documentation that is part of your projects that is meaningless to the audience?
    - Peter Ward

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