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Business Intelligence Analyst FT job

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    Is this of any interest to you?

    It is a FT position at my company, Ingenio.

    Let me know.


    The Business Intelligence Group of Ingenio, Inc seeks a Business Intelligence Analyst to enhance the company#%92s internal data analysis competency. This individual is responsible for preparation and analysis of customer data using both relational and OLAP techniques, and its delivery via reporting tools. The successful candidate will be well versed in RDMSs, familiar with data warehouse/data mart development and use, and have the ability to communicate to both technical and business audiences.

    This individual will be involved in all steps of the analysis process from defining business needs, data preparation, query development, and presentation of results. This position provides an opportunity to interact with multiple departments including Marketing, Finance, Business Development and Program Management.

    The Business Intelligence Analyst will:

    * Work with business users in multiple divisions to develop analytical approaches that meet business requirements. This involves translating hypotheses into database queries, analyzing data, and transforming results into actionable reports.
    * Design, develop, optimize, maintain and tune SQL queries and stored procedures.
    * Identify and communicate company performance trends to management.
    * Develop project plans for the timely development and implementation of analyses.
    * Work with the wider organization to ensure the effective communication and application of analyses.
    * Ensure that code and/or processes being developed meet specifications and are clearly documented.

    Skills and Education Requirements

    * Minimum 3 years MS SQL Server 2000, or other relational/OLAP database experience.
    * Experience developing and analyzing the performance of SQL commands and tuning for optimal performance
    * Experience with indexing and optimizing database tables for reporting purposes
    * Experience with business intelligence and data warehousing tools (query, OLAP and data mining tools, plus related technologies)
    * Ability to structure problems, gather and interpret data and draw conclusions
    * Excellent oral and written communication skills
    * Able to take ownership of a project from start to finish

    About Ingenio
    Founded in 1999, Ingenio is privately-held, extremely profitable, and growing rapidly. You'll enjoy the best of both worlds with the entrepreneurial vigor of a startup that has a compelling product offering, proven business model and an established customer base. Ingenio's suite of solutions, including the industry-leading Pay Per Call® Advertising Network, Ingenio Live!Advice, Keen and Ether seamlessly integrate the Web and the phone to help businesses large and small acquire new customers and grow revenue. With strategic partnerships including Microsoft, AOL, InfoSpace and MapQuest, Ingenio is positioned for significant growth.

    We are located in downtown San Francisco with easy access to BART, MUNI and Caltrain. Learn more about us at:

    Ingenio Corporate:http://www.ingenio.com/documents/corp/home.asp
    Ingenio PayPerCall: paypercall.ingenio.com - the industry-leading Pay Per Call Advertising Network
    Ingenio Professional Advice: www.ingenio.com/default.asp
    Ether - Earn Money Selling What You Say: www.ether.com
    Keen - Your Personal Advisor: www.keen.com

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