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Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse consultant in Charlotte, NC

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    8 months contract in Charlotte, NC
    The Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse consultant willwork as part of a team in the group tosupport the Integrated Software Portfolio Management (ISPME) platform. Thesuccessful candidate will assist with the design, development and delivery of atechnology solution that integrates data from a vast set of data sources withcomplex data models. They will also help to identify and analyze datasources and have the ability to write queries and reports using MicrosoftReporting Services (preferred) or Actuate, Crystal Reports or Cognos. VeryStrong analytical background with the Database development background.
    The candidate must be a self-starter and should very quicklybe able to analyze data sources to find pieces of information needed forreporting purposes as requested by stakeholders.

    • 8+ years of software development
    • 5+ years of experience in one or more of the following database disciplinesas a developer (not a DBA):
    o Data warehousing
    o Large OLAP cubes (more than six dimensions)
    o Very large databases (greater than 1TB)
    • Experience with some type of reporting package; preferably MicrosoftReporting Services but Actuate or Crystal Reports would also be acceptable

    • Extensive experience with nested set models
    • Extensive experience with recursive queries
    • Experience with multiple database platforms (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc)
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