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can MSDTC share IP address with others? --urgent

Discussion in 'SQL Server Clustering' started by xuka200308, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. xuka200308 New Member

    Hi All
    we tried to install SQL 2000 clustering on windows 2003. does MSDTC ask to have its own IP address, network name and physical disk? or it can share IP address, network name and physical disk with SQL cluster or something else? please advise.

    right now we only have IP address, network name for windows cluster and SQL2k cluster. do we need to get one set of IP address, network name and physical disk for MSDTC?

    thanks in advance for any help.

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    If you install Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC) in your SQL Server group and you have other resources that are dependent on MS DTC, MS DTC will not be available if this group is offline or during a failover. Microsoft recommends that you put MS DTC in its own group with its own physical disk resource, if it is possible.

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  4. suniljk New Member

    Cluster Installation of Sql 2000 on win 2003.

    MSDTC is already in the windows 2003 you can see it in service as distributed transaction coordinator.
    If we are not using distributed transaction, no need to install MSDTC. We can install MSTDC any time after sql installation, we just require a restart. So first make sure that you need MSTDC or not.

    Installation procedure:
    MSDTC require separate IP address and unique network name and a disk. The disk can be 500 MB and above, don#%92t use Quorum drive for this.

    1st Enable Network DTC access on all the nodes from (control panel/add or remove windows components/application server details)

    Create a group for MSTDC with disk for MSTDC

    Create MSDTC resource:
    MSDTC IP Address Resource:
    Resource Type: IP address
    Static IP:
    No dependence

    MSDTC Network Name Resource
    Resource Type: Network Name
    Unique Network Name
    Dependence: IP address

    MSDTC Resource
    Resource Type: Distributed transaction coordinator
    Dependence: Network Name, Disk

    Now you will see in your MSDTC Group:
    Disk, MSDTC IP Address, MSDTC Network Name, MSDTC Resource.

    After successful installation on one node, right click the MSDTC group and move to all other nodes. (No need to install separately on all the nodes)

    Its better not use comclust.exe as before we used in win 2000, here you will have a better control.

    Please let me know if you need any further help or clarification.

  5. Argyle New Member

    If it is not heavy MSDTC usage you can put it in the default cluster group and use its ip, name and quorum disk.

    "We recommend that you create the MSDTC resource in its own resource group, such as you would for Microsoft SQL Server, where you can do so. To do this, follow step 2 to create this new group. If you cannot do this, or if you have a light-use DTC scenario such as a cluster dedicated to Exchange Server, proceed and use the Cluster group. On dedicated Exchange Server clusters, the MSDTC resource should be placed in the default cluster group."
  6. xuka200308 New Member

    thank you all for your great suggestion. i wasn't able to use the default cluster resource for MS DTC. i couldn't find the physical disk.

    anyway, i'm waiting for new IP address, network name and disk for MSDTC.

    thanks again.

  7. xuka200308 New Member

    By the way, could anyone show me how to configure MS DTC so that it can share ip, name and quorum disk with default cluster group?

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